Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another successful event

Saturday dawned early for the Anderson Lions Club and the other participants at the Anderson River Park Century Bike Ride... which actually only starts and finishes at Anderson River Park. It otherwise winds its way through the foothills to the east, covering much beautiful country.

The first step in the process is to load up equipment and supplies for Rest Stop #3, also known as a lunch stop. It was one of three rest stops the Anderson Lions were manning.
It is bare ground at the corner of Ash Creek and Dersch Roads. We police the area before setting up.

It may have taken an hour from the time we loaded up until the rest stop was ready.

This is the first real view the riders on the 60 mile route have of the rest stop.

The 60-milers are making pretty good speed as they run downhill on Dersch Road.

The first riders to arrive are on the 40 mile route. They come in on Ash Creek Road.

We are in constant contact, in case of an emergency (like running low on strawberries) because of the amateur radio operators.

When the riders on both routes leave they head west on Dersch Road.

Two more 40-milers.

Many times two bicycle racks aren't enough.

The Enterprise Lions Club has done an outstanding job organizing this event. This year there were over 200 riders. The slow growth has allowed all of us to learn and still provide the best possible experience for the riders.
We are grateful for the opportunity to assist and to benefit our community from the ride. We are also grateful to have a day to rest before the start of a new week... and that it waited until today to start raining.