Sunday, July 1, 2012

There's this thing we do every year

We really do lots of things every year, but this stands out in the minds of those who participate. Our contribution is only a small part of what happens.

The Lions District (4-C1) sponsors a camp for diabetic kids that ends on the last Saturday in June.
The Anderson Lions Club has decided that is a good day to install the new officers and board members for the next year. It is also, in the opinion of the members, a great day to end the year on a positive note by doing something for others with no expectation of anything in return (although we do get  thank yous and offers of food).The real reward is the look on the faces of the children who are ending their week at camp. for some of them, it is their first time away from home.
We pack our vehicles with things like sponges, cleaning rags, and power washers. Then we drive anywhere from 35 to miles into the hills east of Redding to help make the camp ready for the next group who will use it.
This all came about when we found out that it was costing anywhere from $500 - $800 to hire someone to perform this task. For that kind of money two more campers can attend and learn how to monitor their own blood sugar, administer their own insulin and calculate what and when they should eat.

Our little group started off by saying hello to one another and to the camp director, Poppa Bear (aka PDG Bob Trueax).

Then we went to work...
...after saying hello.

Of course, we were able to do this because the campers and staff were all at the closing ceremony.
More later